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h2>A Comprehensive Guide to the Tamil Keyboard Online

Have you ever wondered how you can type in Tamil without installing a specific Tamil keyboard? Whether you're typing up a document, sending a tweet, or engaging in a Facebook discussion, this guide will take you through the steps of typing Tamil on your everyday keyboard.

The Power of Esc: Toggling Between Keyboards

Typing in Tamil is as simple as hitting the Esc key. Pressing Esc toggles the input between your standard QWERTY keyboard and the virtual Tamil keyboard. And the magic doesn’t stop there. The very same key also allows you to switch your keyboard input conversion on and off. It's the same as pressing Esc on your keyboard, providing a seamless transition between different languages and scripts.

Hidden Tamil Letters: The Role of Shift, Ctrl, and AltGr

Not all Tamil letters are visible on your standard keyboard. But don't worry! With a simple combination of keys, you can access additional Tamil letters. Press Shift or either Ctrl + Alt or AltGr to reveal these hidden treasures.

Mastering Tamil99: A Quick Guide

The Tamil99 keyboard layout is one of the most popular methods for typing Tamil on a standard keyboard. Here’s a handy reference table to help you understand how to use it:

க் கா கி கீ கு கூ கெ கே கை கொ கோ கௌ

Transliteration: Bringing Tamil to Your QWERTY Keyboard

Transliteration provides an alternate way of typing Tamil using a QWERTY keyboard. This method uses mappings that correspond to the phonetic sound of the Tamil letters. The mappings include A(அ), AA(ஆ), AI(ஐ), AU(ஔ), k(க்), ka(க), and many others. A semicolon (;) can be used as a partition to transliterate what is on the left and right separately. For example, n;ya will produce ந்ய instead of ஞ.

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