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An Introduction to the Virtual Santali Keyboard

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to type in Santali without needing to install a dedicated keyboard? Introducing the Santali Keyboard - a revolutionary online tool that lets you seamlessly type Santali letters using just your computer keyboard or mouse!

Toggling Between Input Modes

Did you know that the key to alternating between the virtual QWERTY keyboard and the Santali keyboard is as simple as pressing the Esc key? This stroke not only toggles the mouse input, but also controls your keyboard input conversion. An added perk? Using the Esc key on your physical keyboard achieves the exact same outcome.

Unveiling Hidden Santali Letters

Are you trying to type specific Santali letters that aren't immediately visible on your keyboard? By pressing Shift or the combination of Ctrl + Alt, or alternatively, AltGr, you'll be able to access these additional Santali letters with ease.

How to Use the Virtual Santali Keyboard on Mobile Devices

Wondering how to use the virtual Santali keyboard on your mobile phone or tablet? It's as easy as touching and holding inside the text area to copy the text. Now, you're ready to paste this text into any application, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, an email, or a search app. Explore the convenience of the Santali Keyboard today!


What is the virtual Santali Keyboard?

The Santali Keyboard is an online tool that enables typing in Santali using a standard computer keyboard or mouse. The need to install specific software is entirely eliminated with this tool.

How do I switch between input modes on the virtual Santali Keyboard?

By pressing the Esc key, users can toggle between the virtual QWERTY keyboard and the Santali keyboard. The same function can be performed by pressing the Esc key on your physical keyboard.

How can I access additional Santali letters on the keyboard?

Users can press Shift or the combination of Ctrl + Alt, or alternatively, AltGr to access additional Santali letters that are not readily visible on the keyboard.

Can the Santali keyboard be used on mobile devices?

Absolutely! Users can simply touch and hold inside the text area to copy the text, and then paste it into any application of their choice.

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