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Easily Master Typing in Igbo Online with the Igbo Keyboard

Ever wished you could type in Igbo without going through the hassle of installing an Igbo keyboard? Here's the good news: with our online Igbo Keyboard, you can now type Igbo seamlessly using your standard computer keyboard or mouse.

Switching between QWERTY and Igbo Keyboard Layouts

The Igbo Keyboard ingeniously employs the use of the Esc key to switch your input from the standard QWERTY keyboard to the Igbo keyboard. Just as a chameleon changes its color to suit its environment, pressing the Esc key will allow you to toggle between the two keyboard layouts effortlessly.

Accessing Additional Igbo Letters

Are you wondering how to type those unique Igbo letters that aren't visible on your standard keyboard? Our virtual Igbo Keyboard makes this possible! Simply press the Shift key, and voila, you gain access to an array of additional Igbo letters.

Typing Special Characters

For letters like ụ, ị, ọ, you'll need to press the  ̣ key. To capitalize them into Ụ, Ị, Ọ, press the  ̣ key followed by the Shift key. It's as simple as that!

Using the Igbo Keyboard on Mobile Devices

Whether you're using a mobile phone or a tablet, you can still enjoy the benefits of the online Igbo Keyboard. Simply touch and hold within the text area to copy the text, and you can paste it into any application, be it Facebook, Twitter, email, or any other search app.


Can I use the Igbo Keyboard without installing anything?

Yes! The Igbo Keyboard is an online tool that allows you to type in Igbo using your standard computer keyboard or mouse without any installations.

How can I type special Igbo characters using the Igbo Keyboard?

To type special characters like ụ, ị, ọ, press the  ̣ key. For Ụ, Ị, Ọ, press the  ̣ key followed by the Shift key.

Can I use the Igbo Keyboard on my mobile device?

Definitely! To use the Igbo Keyboard on your mobile device, touch and hold inside the text area to copy the text. You can then paste the text into any application.

How do I switch between the standard QWERTY keyboard and the Igbo Keyboard?

You can easily switch between the two by pressing the Esc key.

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