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Embrace the Simplicity and Versatility of the Online English Keyboard

Ever found yourself grappling with the complexities of typing English on a non-English keyboard? Welcome to the realm of online English Keyboard, a groundbreaking tool that lets you type English letters effortlessly using your computer keyboard or mouse. It smoothly aligns with the two common layouts in English typing - the ubiquitous QWERTY and the unique DVORAK. And the best part? There’s no download or installation required.

Are you aiming for some versatility in your writing? Well, our virtual keyboard does exactly that. You can generate additional English letters that are not readily visible on the keyboard by merely pressing Shift. An even broader array of characters is at your disposal on our extended keyboards. By pressing either Ctrl + Alt or AltGr, you unlock access to currency symbols and other accented letters, enriching your text with precise expressions.

Is your primary gadget a mobile phone or tablet? No worries. Our online English keyboard has been designed keeping mobile devices in mind. Simply touch and hold inside the text area to copy your text. You can then seamlessly paste the copied text in any app - Facebook, Twitter, email, or a search app - in just a tap.


1. What is the online English Keyboard?

The online English Keyboard is a virtual typing tool that lets you type English online using either the QWERTY or the DVORAK layout, without the need for installation.

2. How do I access additional English letters on the keyboard?

You can press Shift to access additional English letters not readily visible on your keyboard. For even more characters, such as currency symbols and other accented letters, use either Ctrl + Alt or AltGr on our extended keyboards.

3. Can I use the online English keyboard on my mobile device?

Definitely! The online English keyboard is fully compatible with mobile devices. Just touch and hold inside the text area to copy your text, then paste it into any application of your choice.

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