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Effortless Bangla Typing Online: No Installation Required

Ever wondered how you could type Bangla without having to install a special keyboard? Wonder no more! Our online Bangla Keyboard allows you to do just that. You can easily type Bangla online using your computer's keyboard or mouse.


Navigating the Keyboard Layout

Our keyboard is designed with convenience in mind. To swap the mouse input between the virtual QWERTY keyboard and the virtual Bangla keyboard, simply press the Esc key. The same key also toggles your keyboard's input conversion on and off.

Uncovering Additional Bangla Letters

Do you see missing Bangla letters on your keyboard? Don't worry! By pressing Shift, Ctrl + Alt, or AltGr, you can reveal additional Bangla letters.

Typing Compound Bangla Letters

Typing compound letters in Bangla can initially seem complex, but with practice it becomes second nature. To illustrate, if you need to type কি, press and িspan>. If you want to type 'কী', press and . This system uses what we call 'virama' to type half letters. For instance, to create 'ক্ষ', you would press ক ্ and .

Understanding Zero-Width Non-Joiner (ZWNJ) and Zero-Width Joiner (ZWJ)

The ZWNJ and ZWJ are important elements in the Bangla script. The ZWNJ prevents two characters from connecting and is found on the 'Shift + b key. For example, typing ক ্ yields 'ক্‌ষ', not 'ক্ষ'. On the other hand, the ZWJ, located on the ` key, allows you to display half letters stand-alone. So, ক ্ ZWJ produces 'ক্‍'.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Our Bangla Keyboard is not just limited to computers. It's also fully compatible with mobile phones and tablets. Simply touch and hold inside the text area to copy the text. Then, paste it in any application, whether that's Facebook, Twitter, email, or a search app. The power of Bangla is literally at your fingertips!


What is an online Bangla Keyboard?

An online Bangla keyboard is a virtual tool that allows you to type in Bangla using your regular computer or mobile keyboard.

How can I access additional Bangla letters on the online keyboard?

Additional Bangla letters that are not visible on your keyboard can be accessed by pressing Shift, Ctrl + Alt, or AltGr

What is the difference between the Zero-Width Non-Joiner (ZWNJ) and Zero-Width Joiner (ZWJ)?

ZWNJ prevents two characters from connecting, while ZWJ allows for half letters to stand alone.

Can I use the online Bangla keyboard on my mobile device?

Yes, the online Bangla keyboard is compatible with mobile devices. You can touch and hold to copy text and paste it in any app.

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